Michael Rockefeller disappearance

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Michael Rockefeller disappearance Empty Michael Rockefeller disappearance

Post by weasel666 on Tue 19 Sep 2017, 17:48

Michael Rockefeller disappearance 220px-Michael_Rockefeller

Michael Clark Rockefeller (May 18, 1938 – presumed to have died November 19, 1961) was the fifth child of New York Governor (later Vice President) Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, and a fourth-generation member of the Rockefeller family. He disappeared during an expedition in the Asmat region of southwestern Netherlands New Guinea. In 2014, Carl Hoffman published a book that went into detail about the inquest into his killing, in which villagers and tribal elders admit to Rockefeller being killed after he swam to shore in 1961.[1] Despite these claims, no remains or other proof of his death have ever been discovered. wrote:



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